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Reason for wanting dog:

Gender Wanted: Why?

House pet? yes no
Will do obedience? yes no
Hunting? yes no
If hunting, style?
Owned GSP before? yes no
Still owned GSP? yes no
If not, how died?

Other Sporting dogs? Breed Other

Current pets: Cats

How far will you travel to get your dog?
Time limit in the search?

Family Members and ages, particularly children:

Someone home during the day? yes no
How much time would the dog be left alone?
If no one home, will someone take time off when the dog first comes? yes no

Where will the dog live?

Have you a yard? yes no
Size Fence
Type Height
If not, willing to install actual or electronic invisible fencing? yes no

Current or prior veterinarian for reference:

Will deal with health issues, if the dog needs special care in later life? yes no
What would you consider the limitations to be?
Do you intend to be a single or multiple dog family?

As I/ We receive a German Shorthaired Pointer from the Rescue Program, I/We agree willingly to the following terms of adoption:

1. Neutering: If not already spayed in the program, the dog must be neutered by and must not be used for breeding prior to that time. Adopter(s) must send spay/neuter certificate, signed by the veterinarian who performed the surgery. If this is not received by the above date, GSP rescue reserves the right to terminate the adoption and the adopter(s) must return the dog to the GSP rescue program.

2. Returns: If, for any reason, this adoption is not satisfactory to the adopting party, or if the adopters fail to comply with the terms of adoption at any time during the life of the dog, the dog must be returned to GSP Rescue. It may not be given away or sold to anyone else without the permission of the rescue agent involved, nor can it be released to a shelter or pound.

3. Refunds: If the dog is returned within thirty days of adoption and is in good or better mental and physical condition as it was on the date of adoption, there will be a prorated refund of the adoption donation at the discretion of the rescue agent. There can be no refund after thirty days. The adopter is welcome to leave the donation with rescue to assist with future dog care.

4. Training: The dog may not be protection or attack trained or agitated in any manner or used as a guard dog for any agency, firm, corporation or organization. This dog must not be maintained as an outdoor yard dog. The only function for a rescue dog is as an in-home companion animal.

5. Health and Welfare: This dog's optimum health must be maintained through the feeding of quality dog food, adequate shelter, an annual physical and inoculation with the adopters veterinarian program, heartworm testing and prevention.

6. Identification: This dog must wear identification at all times. It must be licensed and have personal ID. We recommend tattooing and will arrange this for you if you wish.

7. Loss: If the dog is lost or stolen, GSP Rescue must be notified immediately.

8. Reservation of Rights: GSP Rescue reserves the right to arrange a follow up visit and to ascertain if all conditions of this adoption are being upheld. Should any term or condi- tion of this agreement not be upheld, GSP Rescue reserves the right to terminate this agreement and the dog must be returned to the program.

9. Attorney Fees and Costs: Should it be necessary for GSP Rescue to take legal action to recover this adopted dog or otherwise enforce provisions in this agreement, the under-signed adopter(s) agree (s) to pay all court costs and legal fees.

The undersigned agrees to release GSP Rescue and its agents and volunteers and their heirs of any and all responsibility for actions caused by this dog with the understanding of the risks involved in the adoption of this dog. The undersigned has read and understands all the terms of this adoption and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions stated above.

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