Thank you for volunteering your services to GSP Rescue.  Both for insurance and reference purposes, it would help us if you could provide the following information.  Thanks, and welcome!
City   State    Zip
Home Phone    Work Phone 
Best time to reach you    e-mail 
GSPCA # (if you have one)  
How long with the breed
Experience with the breed
Veterinarian     Phone:
Other breeds (list)
Breed and all-breed club memberships
How many GSP's           Ages  
Sex male female        Neutered  yes no
Other companion animals
Are you willing to foster needy GSP's yes no
How many   male female
How long
Containment available
Fenced yard/type/height
Other Services you can provide
Will transport dogs yes no
How far
Will support a dog through vet care   yes no
Will offer owner counseling yes no
Will offer training yes no
Type of training (obedience, behavior modification)
Will screen prospective adopters  yes no
Will go to shelters and pounds  yes no
Will screen potential adopters  yes no
Will visit homes to be sure unwanted dog is a shorthair  yes no
Will transport to and from veterinarian  yes no
Will provide food for one or more dogs  yes no
Will fund an ad, do fundraising, or assist with fundraising events  yes no
Will bath and groom dogs  yes no
Will visit shelters and pounds to provide modest training and socializing yes no
Will help with phone chain  yes no
Will provide clerical help to your regional volunteer  yes no
Will provide other services

Please read the following and be sure you understand the following terms of this agreement.

I understand that it is my decision whether or not to foster any particular dog. I will not hold GSP or GSPCA Rescue responsible for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly by any dog I handle as a volunteer for any rescue program.

I understand that it is not the policy of GSPCA Rescue to reimburse costs in the rescue of dogs in any locality.  The local club fund, adoption donations or local fund-raising efforts will contribute to reimbursement.  I will not bring suit against GSP or GSPCA Rescue, its agents, volunteers, their heirs or estates in case of financial or other loss resulting from my activities as a rescue volunteer

I Understand and accept these terms

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